Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Different Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are responsible for ensuring the security of the vehicles inside the space. As such, they are often made of sturdy material that will not easily be damaged even if struck with force. They are also tasked with shielding the interiors from sun, wind, rain and snow. The exterior side is prone to weathering making it crucial to select systems that have protective coatings.

Most of all, the doors must provide a reliable way to enter and exit the garage when desired. There are three main types that exist today. These are the single panel, the sectional door, and the rollers. Each of these has their own pros and cons. It is up to each homeowner to decide which of these best fit his or her garage. 

Single Panel

As the name implies, here we have a singular panel of fairly large dimensions covering the entire opening. This has to be moved as a monolithic piece whenever a vehicle is about to enter or exit from the premises. Due to its size, the weight of the panel can be quite massive. It is not uncommon for it to reach several hundred pounds depending on the material. 

A powerful mechanism is needed to move it, usually by sliding up in a low diagonal position. Vehicles should be parked a few feet from the doorway to prevent them from possibly getting hit while in motion. This can be a problem for short driveways. The lifting system can also take a beating given the heavy load.


This type does away with the monolith and instead divides it into multiple sections. This could be anywhere from three to eight depending on the design. Such a door can easily be bent, so to speak, when being slid up to the ceiling. Some of the sections may even overlap. 

This type can be positioned in such a way as to reduce the arc of the swing. As a result, vehicles do not have to park as far as they would with a single panel doorway. Reliability is also enhanced because there are more connections to the door track. Each section has its own. Movement also tends to be quicker.


Finally, we have the roller garage doors which are also known as sheet doors in some regions. This is because these are often made up of corrugated steel or fiberglass that can be rolled up into a cylinder when the space needs to be opened. It can roll back down into a vertical sheet when it's time to close it up again. Steel is appropriate when security is a primary concern. Fiberglass may be used in most other cases. Visit us here.

This is the lightest kind of setup as the door is basically a thin sheet with corrugations to enhance impact strength. Doors of this type are not as sturdy as the rest but they hold up well under normal circumstances. The main issue with them is their insulating properties. It is difficult to increase their effectiveness as thermal barriers.