Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Why Seek Out an Ignatian Retreat?

Just as in the case with one's physical body, one's spiritual being can benefit from some "exercise." An Ignatian retreat can provide a way to bring balance back to one's life, as well as provide an opportunity to focus on spiritual principles. These retreats focus on spiritual exercises, designed to help a person learn how to recognize the grace of God in their daily lives. As a result of practicing these exercises, a person becomes better equipped to make faith-inspired choices in their everyday lives. These exercises focus upon the art of discernment, and can help a person move away from the chaos of spontaneity, and into the peace that comes from following a faith-inspired lifestyle.

Ignatian retreats are available in a variety of different formats, designed to fit various lifestyles. There are weekend or even day retreats available for those who do not have the time to commit to a longer retreat. These retreats can provide a temporary space where one's spirituality can get a bit of "exercise." Then, once the retreat is complete, the spiritual focus gained from the retreat can be carried back into one's everyday life. Click here for further details.